You are about to learn about hunting in Poland more than most of hunt organisers acting on the market know.
This free guide „Secrets of Hunting in Poland” will provide you with answers to the most intriguing questions on how to organise hunts:

1.  How to reduce the hunt costs to the minimum and at the same time maintain a high quality of the service? You will find out how to choose a professional hunting agency from Poland.

2.  Where to hunt? You will find descriptions of the most interesting hunts organised throughout Poland, such as:
Roe buck hunts
Red stag hunts
Driven big game hunts
Wild boar hunting in Poland

3.  When is the best time to hunt? You will learn about the hunting seasons in a division into particular game, kinds of hunt and regions of Poland.

4.  How to organise a hunt in Poland? You will learn about a hunting system in Poland and you will be provided with a review of the most important legal provisions with regard to hunts on the territory of Poland. You will also get to know legal aspects of weapon and trophy carriage across the border.

Moreover, The free guide „Secrets of Hunting in Poland” contains the biggest database of hunting offers in Poland, thanks to which you will be up to date about the new, interesting hunts available on the market.

Additionally, you will receive a unique „Hunting Dictionary in 6 Languages” that will come in useful during your hunting expeditions, not only in Poland.


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